VGA Camera

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VGA Camera

Postby reenaax » Wed Sep 22, 2010 8:08 am

What is the difference between VGA Camera (in Mobile phones) and camera mentioned with Mega pixels?
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Re: VGA Camera

Postby mjstrand » Wed Sep 22, 2010 1:43 pm

Many camera phones are getting to be quite high resolution. They are at the resolution that a few years ago cost almost a thousand to get. If you are planning on using your camera phone for a still shot, they will work well with Digital signage. If you are looking at using it for video, the resolution drops to 320 x 240 or sometimes you are lucky to get 640 x 480. The biggest issue with video from a cell phone is that it is not at all steady. It would be ok for a horror commercial, but not for something professional that would be showing to your employees or customers.
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