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Setting Up Audio with

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If you have trouble with the audio on screens using the product, I would recommend that you plug a set of speakers or earbuds / headphones into the green speaker out jack of the pc. When the videos play, you should hear sound. If you do not, then the volume may need to be adjusted. On the lower right side of the desktop is a little speaker icon. To show the desktop, left click the mouse (to be sure the signage has focus) and press the "W" key to drop the signage into a window (pressing it again brings it to full screen). You can click on that (and click on the mixer button for more details).

If you do have sound, then it could be the doing it. try powering down the transmitter for 5 seconds to get everything resynced. It should just work if the cables are plugged in correctly.

One thing that can be tricky on the television side is getting the right audio inputs for the right port. There are lots of video/audio "channels" that can be selected (HDMI, PC, Cable, etc). You need to be sure that the audio out from the transmitter is plugged in to the PC audio input. That usually is a 1/8" jack, but I have seen it as the 2 rca jacks too. Read the instructions for the tv to be sure that they are in the right place.

If none of these work, give us a call. We can try more things once some of these have been eliminated.
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