Steps to Add Pictures to your Signage

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Steps to Add Pictures to your Signage

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You can add photos to your signage anytime from anywhere with an internet connection. That way you can group them, put titles on them, determine which locations you want them to appear, etc.

Log into your account
Go to Modify Pages
position on the place where you want to add the first group of photos (on the left side)
Click the Add button
Change the page type to Random Photos and Images
Enter a page description which will be shown on the page listing on the left
Add an optional title if you want it above the photo
Click the browse button for each photo you want to add and select it
Click the save button

Continue this until all the photos are added. If you want the photos to be shown by one location only, select that location in the display group. Select the "All" group to show it on all screens.
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