Prevent daily outage emails from coming

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Prevent daily outage emails from coming

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StrandVision has a system that automatically emails the technical contact if a signage player that has been running for more than an hour stops playing. The system also sends an email letting them know that it is running again when they fix the internet connection. Sometimes this email comes when you turn the pc off for the night.

What we currently have in place is a system that only reports inactivity of 60 minutes or more between 1 hour after the business hour opening time and 1 hour before the closing time. The business hours can be set by clicking on the your account, your company, hours tab after you log in.

In order to get these messages to stop, set the business hours to within 60 minutes of when it powers off and powers back on each day. That should take care of it. Also, you are paying for 24x7 playback if you want it to play. you can set that up in the same business hours configuration area.
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