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Video Instructions

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Video can be included within your StrandVision Digital Signage subscription account (e.g., STREAMING VIDEO, GOLD or PLATINUM) packages. The trial demo will allow video for demonstration purposes.

If you do not yet have an account, please select the TRIAL button on the home page to create your new account. There is no cost for this demo. Then, Log into your new account. Select the FAQ hotlink in the lower left-side menu. This will take you to this StrandVision area of instruction:

Go to Question #6. This provides detail about various types of video. Select the hotlink in the bottom paragraph of Question #6 that reads...Click here for additional instructions. These final instructions are available to StrandVision customers who have a demo or paid subscription accounts.

For your ease of use, StrandVision will place the video into your account once StrandVision receives the video clip.

Now, all you need to do is log in and create the page where you wish to have this video displayed within your loop. Select MODIFY SIGNAGE and ADD a new page. Select the Streaming Video content type page from within the Page Type drop down menu. Give the page a name. Look for the option: VIDEO FILE TO USE. Select the drop down menu and your video clip name will be listed. Save the page. Your video is now added to your loop.
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