Emergency Schedules

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Emergency Schedules

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Emergency schedules are a powerful way to alert viewers to emergencies, or just to drop all other signage content and play special content for an important visitor. You can play whatever you like for each emergency schedule. It can be text, photos, rss feeds, etc.

The steps are:
1) create an emergency schedule to use for your pages.
2) Select whether it will stop all other signage or add to the current signage mix.
3) go into the modify signage area (be sure you are in advanced user mode) and add or change pages.
4) When you want the page included when the emergency schedule is active, set the "playback schedule" field to the emergency schedule that you created in step 1
5) When you want to show the new content, go to the emergency message menu and set the schedule to active.
6) To stop the content, set the schedule to not active.

Note: when activating or deactivating the emergency schedule, it takes several seconds for all of the StrandVision servers to be notified to clear cached information for your account. That sets the signage up to show the new information after the two pages advance for each player.
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