News Feeder Scrolling Text

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Julie Kahl

News Feeder Scrolling Text

Post by Julie Kahl »

I would like to see the kiosk have the ability scroll text across the bottom of all the kiosk screens. I'm using this to welcome the visitors into our company and still have lots of other information displayed.
Paul Hancock

Bottom scrolling text

Post by Paul Hancock »

I also would like this type of scrolling text to display sports scores, news, etc.
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Its Done!

Post by mjstrand »

We are pleased to announce that this feature is implemented for any subscriber. It is currently called NewsFeed and can be found by logging into your kiosk account. You can activate the newsfeed by clicking on the newsfeed menu on the left side and entering the information. You can configure the colors, size and speed of the newsfeed text in the preferences settings area. Many thanks to Paul and Julie for this suggestion. I have had some people question the name (newsfeed), and we are open to suggestions of better names. If you have any additional suggestions, please let me know as well.
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