Use PowerPoint To Create Slides

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Use PowerPoint To Create Slides

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Many people are comfortable designing slides in PowerPoint and want to use that program as the source for their digital signage pages. To make this work effectively, StrandVision developed an easy-to-use PowerPoint-to-JPG converter. The StrandVision conversion tool automatically converts each slide into a separate high resolution graphic image (JPG format) so you can insert individual slides into your StrandVision signage presentation. Here is an aritlce that discusses how it works.
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Re: Use PowerPoint To Create Slides

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StrandVision Updates PowerPoint Conversions/Offers Multiple Graphics Options! We continue to improve both the capabilities and the ease-of-use of StrandVision digital signage. This month we're featuring some powerpoint digital signage capabilities that several customers have requested. They make it really easy to reuse existing PowerPoint slides and give you an easy way to create and display multiple photos and graphics. Convert PowerPoint Slides, Auto-update into a signage page, Replace a current signage page, Create a packaged file to download as well as options for Random and Multiple Photos/Graphics. Here's the link: ... rsion.html
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