What should i tell the genius bar workers to replace my ipho

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What should i tell the genius bar workers to replace my ipho

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I currently am on a family plan with AT&T. I am not the head of the account. I was wondering if I could purchase a new iPhone with the 2-year agreement, and not change anything about the other account. In other words, get the new iPhone with the contract, but also keep the other phone with the other number, and not affect the family plan at all.
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Re: What should i tell the genius bar workers to replace my ipho

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Although we do a lot with cell phones in our business, we are not the official people to ask. Typically when you get a new phone, the security information (phone number, plan, etc) gets transferred to the new phone. You can definitely use your old phone again, but unfortunately you need to activate a number with your provider to use it. Usually it is more hassle than it is worth depending on the promotion that is being run for a new phone line. You can also add a new phone to a new (or your current) plan. In any case, it will cost you more money to have both of them active. Sorry to give you the bad news, and again, you should check with your provider to get the official word.
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